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Invest in your calves for a lifetime of benefits

Integrate Mylo® into your daily calf feed to improve gut function and accelerate rumen development and raise healthy calves who grow to be top performers.

Increase feed efficiency and growth rates

Calf-rearers report improved calf health and increased growth rates in calves fed Mylo®.

Research shows calves fed Mylo® reach target weights up to 10 days earlier and can be weaned at up to 6kg heavier

Accelerated rumen development

Calves fed Mylo® have heavier, more developed gastrointestinal organs, which improves the digestibility of feed and increases nutrient absorption. The good gut bacteria found in Mylo® out-competes potentially harmful bacteria leading to increased feed efficiency, more energy and better quality calves.

Research from the University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science found calves fed 10ml of Mylo® per day were 8% heavier at weaning with the same feed.

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Integrating Mylo® as a feed supplement to improve calf health also benefits the bottom line with earlier weaning meaning less feed, less staff time, and lower animal health costs.


Easy to use

Making Mylo® part of your daily calf rearing regime is simple.

A liquid formula, it is easily mixed with daily feed rations at a rate of 10ml/calf per day.

Mylo® is a live product that can be stored at ambient temperature.

Read the brochure

Mylo® Invest in Healthy Calves Brochure

Mylo® Invest in Healthy Calves Brochure
PDF (393.45 KB)

“When a calf is born, its gut is immature and is particularly susceptible to harmful bacteria and pathogens. The microbiota in the gut is still developing and pathogens are competing for the available nutrition.

Feeding Mylo® gives the calf a leg up, from the inside out. It introduces beneficial bacteria into the gut early, tipping the microbiota balance, so feed is easily and efficiently digested, and made available to the calf to grow and flourish.”

Dr Martin Soust, PhD - Head of Science and Technology

Calves Feeding

Science proves it works

For tens of thousands of years, people have used fermented foods to supplement their diet. Improved technology in the 1990s saw research into the gut microbiome dramatically increase and in 2001, the World Health Organization first issued a formal definition of probiotics.

Mylo® has been developed over 10 years by a world-class science and innovation team based in Australia and independent and commercial field trials prove the benefits.

Read the research

Mylo Calf Live Weight Studies Feb 2020

Calf Weight Studies Feb 2020
PDF (810.05 KB)

The power of probiotics

The connection between gut bacteria and good health is fuelling the use of probiotics in both humans and animals across the globe.


  • is made of naturally occurring, living micro-organisms
  • contains strains of Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus buchneri, and Lactobacillus paracasei
  • is free of antibiotics and chemicals
  • has no withholding period
  • is certified for organic farming in Australia and NZ
Organic Certifications

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